Abou Mauritania / Nouakchott


“I was five years old when one day, taking the goats to the field, I went to look for one of them in a pond and I was trapped in the mud. My mother pulled me to help me out of there, my hip moved, I felt a lot of pain. They took me to the hospital and put an iron inside my leg. I spent a lot of time in the hospital until I was cured.

The operation and the expenses to cure me later were very expensive for my family. There were medications that cost 400 uguiyas (10 euros) per package, with only 10 tablets inside. They told me to take them for a whole year. In order to pay them, my father worked abroad and asked for help from all the men in the big family. Everyone gave what they could, but today my leg still cannot be bent.

I have never been able to go to school because of my leg problem. They wanted to enroll me this year, but they told us that I had already passed the age, that I was already very old. I’m 11 years old, and I can never go to school anymore.
I spend time at home playing ball and yumpas, the sponges to wash the body. Before I saw the elders do them and one day I went to look for the necessary material and I started to make them too. If you wash with yumpas, your skin is very clean, very clear!

My dream is to go to work abroad with my father”.

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