Ely Mauritania / Nouakchott


“Ely is our third child, he’s almost two years old and he can’t still sit down. Since he was born he has very little weight. We took it from the town to Nouakchott to cure it, but nothing changed. They did all kinds of tests, but found nothing.

Ely has no appetite and always has diarrhea. At night he does nothing but cry. I can’t sleep at night or day. We have been recommended to take him back to the Nouakchott hospital, but right now we have no means to return.

My husband sells dry wood, sometimes he manages to bring something, but sometimes he doesn’t bring anything. If we have something, I prepare to eat; If not, I leave it. This is how we live.

Since Ely is too weak, I can’t leave him alone. Even so, I look for life as I can to find milk for him every day. Gloria’s boat * costs 15 uguiyas (40 euro cents). I give him one in the morning and one at night.

I tried to introduce other foods, but it didn’t work. They do not pass from his throat. Right now he doesn’t drink more than milk. Two boats of Gloria a day. It is all he eats. I don’t know what I can do for him ».

* Gloria: concentrated milk brand sold in all Mauritanian grocery stores.

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