Girls Mauritania / Brakhna


Group of high school students «Many families do not have latrines at home and we go outdoor to do our needs. For us, the situation is more complicated. At night, we always go in a group to avoid aggressions. We watch that no men are around; if there are, we wait for them to leave. It can happen that the boys sabotage you, pointing you with a flashlight or telling that they have seen you go pooping. These situations generate many frustrations in us.

Our periods are difficult to carry at school. The industrial compresses are not available to everyone, most of us we use pieces of fabrics. The school is not equipped with any spaces where we can be changed. It has happened to several of us that our skirt stained and we started perceiving looks and laughs. I was a victim of that situation and my best friend came to let me know and lent me her scarf. Thanks to her I could cover myself and leave discreetly to home. I even hesitated to return, because I was afraid that the professor won’t let me in and be ridiculed in front of everyone. But when I returned, fortunately, things had calmed down and left me quiet. It is difficult to talk about it with certain teachers; therefore that absence becomes an unexcused absence which means a 0. When the zeros follow one another, it can become a demotivation. Something natural in us can become a problem and a reason for our failure at school”.

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