Omar Mauritania / Nouakchott


«I didn’t go to school before because we traveled with my parents and we never were in the same house or in the same city. One day we settled in Nouakchott with the support of my aunt, in a hangar of 4 square meters where I live with my parents and siblings. My parents did everything so that I could enter the school, but I had no papers and there was no possibility, so I started going to the coranic school. One day, they gave me a backpack filled with school supplies and I started going to the school where the “other children” go. My siblings and I shared the notebooks. The new school was very good, I had more fun than in the previous one and I was also good at classes. Unfortunately one day I left my backpack in my grandmothers’ and my cousins emptied me all. They left me only one page. Now I keep my pen and my folio in a corner of the hangar. There are children in school who do not even have a folio. Not even shoes.

I would like to work in the TASIAST mining company. I have been told that there is a lot of money there.

If I get money, I will give it to my parents. And if there is anything left, I will build a stronger house than the hangar. If I was president, I would buy rice and oil for the whole country. To the children, I would give each 10 uguiyas so that they could be bought something to eat at school ».

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